Scrappy and Oopy

Scrappy (left) with Oopy.

Scrappy is the villainous protagonist in Dick Huemer's 1931 cartoon, The Little Pest. Throughout the cartoon, Scrappy is depicted as violent and abusive toward his baby brother, Oopy.


Scrappy wants to go on a fishing trip with his dog, but Oopy wants to tag along, much to Scrappy's annoyance. He at first pushes and threatens Oopy, but soon it escalates to Scrappy slapping him in the face with enough force to send him flying backward.

Scrappy abandons his brother in the forest and goes fishing, but then Oopy catches up to him anyway. While they are fishing, Scrappy's and Oopy's fishing lines get tangled, so Scrappy pushes Oopy into the water. Oopy is screaming for help and struggling to swim in the water, but Scrappy pretends not to hear him and cheerfully starts to walk away. As he is doing so, he suddenly has a vision of an electric chair.

Fearing punishment for letting his brother die, Scrappy goes back to save him. He pulls Oopy out of the water and begins to panic because Oopy isn't breathing. After successfully reviving him, Scrappy is relieved until Oopy requests a drink of water, causing Scrappy to angrily throw Oopy back into the water to his presumed death.


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