Scraplets by raikoh14-d39xvb3

Scraplets are one of Cybertron's worst pests. Working as a large swarm, they break up and consume metal. They seem to have a particular taste for living Cybertronian metal. During the Great War on Cybertron, Cybertronians managed to capture them and place them in pods as traps for the curious enemies to find. Like other Cybertronian species, they are highly subceptible to cold temperatures.

In the episode "Scrapheap", Bumblebee & Bulkhead found Scraplet-trap in the Artic. Not knowing what it was, they brought it back to the Autobot base. Eventually the Scraplets warmed up and ate through the metal trap. One was met by Raf who initially thought it was a pet of the Autobots. However when he showed the Scraplet to the Autobots they reacted with fear, especially Bulkhead. Noticing the living metal infront of it, the Scraplet suddenly ran across the floor and attacked Bumblebee, managing to give him a large wound before Raf smashed the Scraplet. The group searched for the rest of the swarm. Eventually they found it but were overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. Luckily, since they do not eat organics, the human children managed to hold off the swarm just enough for Ratchet to open a Groundbridge to the Artic. Not only did this rescue a stranded Optimus and Arcee, but with Bulkhead luring them through, it also refroze the swarm. I Orion Pax part 3, a swarm was seen consuming the ruins of Cybertron. When Jack Darby opened the door to Vector Sigma, they followed him. When Vector Sigma began downloading information into its Key, the Scraplets swarmed and began to consume it. At this point, Jack Darby was attacked by an Insecticon. Thinking quickly, jack grabbed one of the Scraplets and tossed it at the Insecticon. Sensing the living metal, the rest of the Scraplets swarmed around the insecticon and in a mad fury to be rid of them, the Insecticon fell down a large chasm with Scraplets not far behind.



  • Scraplets are similar with Scarabs from The Mummy and The Mummy Returns as both species have similar behavior and attack pattern, especially whilst eating the victims alive. The noticable difference aside their appearance however:
    • Scraplets can fly whilst Scarabs can't.
    • Scraplets' diet were Cybertronians while scarabs feed on humans or larger animals, though both cases involving preys that larger than themselves.
    • When eating a victim alive, Scraplets would start by consuming random bodyparts whilst Scarabs would go for the brain first to give their victims painful death before able to feed the rest without any disturbance.