Scott Lavin in the Entourage Season 7 episode, "Tequila Sunrise".

Scott Lavin is a character who appeared in the last three seasons of Entourage and who is a Hollywood manager formerly working at Murray Berenson, and later the co-founder and partner of Murphy Lavin Group, a group he founded with Eric Murphy.

He is portrayed by Scott Caan.


Not much is known about Scott's life or where he was born but at the time of his debut, Lavin was a Hollywood manager working at Murray Berenson.

Season 6

Lavin first appeared in No More Drama where he was a manager who worked at Murray Berenson and who was also presumably the most senior manager of the company. Almost instantly, he clashed with Eric Murphy, the company's newest member over Bob Saget who Lavin had been spending the last few months trying to sign.

Lavin later informed E that he'd contacted Saget who had agreed to come in and that the meeting would be held in Lavin's office with Lavin believing that Saget would sign with him.

Unfortunately, the meeting didn't go in Lavin's favor as Saget told Lavin he found the other man unbearable and told Lavin to leave the room much to Lavin's disbelief and the meeting ended with Saget eventually signing with E, resulting in E becoming Saget's manager which presumably left Lavin extremely annoyed.

In Scared Straight, Lavin took much glee out of the fact that a girl that E had slept with might have given E a sexually transmitted disease.

Season 7

In Buzzed, Lavin started calling E by his nickname and tried to convince E that the two of them would better working together given how Murray Berenson was always absent from the building. A while later, Lavin later befriended Vincent Chase with the two men beginning to spend time together. They were then seen bungee jumping out of a plane together at the end of the episode much to E and Ari Gold's dismay and shock.


Despite his small size, Lavin is by no means a pushover as he is extremely ruthless, foul-mouthed and hot-tempered.

He has little or no regard for teamwork, preferring to work alone and he's often willing to sacrifice possible relationships or friendships just to get what he wants.

He is also very manipulative and lacks empathy as well as the inability to take responsibility for his actions, suggesting that he might have psychopathic or sociopathic tendencies although he does later show some guilt or remorse for getting Vincent Chase addicted to cocaine.


  • Was seen driving a Ford Truck before switching to a Dodge Challenger which was first seen in the Entourage Season 8 premiere episode, Home Sweet Home.