Scorpius is a supporting character in the album, Moira. His role in the story is primarily antagonistic as his ambitions lead to the initial and final separations of Elefseus and Artemisia.


His most distinguishing characteristic is his red hair, spiked up at the front with the rest tied into a braid reminiscent of a scorpion's tail. Scorpius also has a prominent red beard and wears golden hoplite armor with a red chiton and a similarly colored cape.


Scorpius is the son of King Dimitrius and a concubine, thus making him half-brother to Leontius, Elefseus and Artemisia. His goals mainly center on securing the place of king for himself, although his actions prove to have great impact on the lives of the twins.

Unmei no Futago

He forcefully enters the twins' home in the Arcadian mountains, and demands Polydeuces to take up his sword again under his Laconian troops. Polydeuces refuses, saying that someone so ambitious would never understand. Elef and Misia arrive home, and Scorpius dispatches soldiers to capture them. He and Polydeuces come to blows as the latter tries to create a diversion to let Elfina escape with the children.

Raijin-iki no Eiyuu

Castor reports to Leontius that the Laconian troops, presumably lead by Scorpius, have withdrawn from their violation of divine territory after possibly being scared off by the Arcadian army and Leontius' Spear of Thunder.

Shiseru Monotachi no Monogatari

During a monologue, Scorpius reveals his resentment towards Leontius for being born, as well as Isadora for bearing his half-brother. Having been born to a concubine, he does not possess the blood of the God of Thunder as was declared in the prophecy. Be that as it may, Scorpius is still determined to be the king of the world.

Shiseru Otome, Sono Te ni wa Suigetsu

Scorpius is revealed to be the one leading the abduction of the priestess Artemisia, and delivers the fatal blow that will make her an offering to the Laconian water god, Hydra.

Doreitachi no Eiyuu

"The Scorpion stung the Shooter, the Lion of thunder beat the Scorpion."

Despite never being mentioned by name, Scorpius is alluded to in the ending narration of the song. Presumably, after Orion attacked the king, Scorpius killed Orion and was, in turn, beaten by Leontius. He is not mentioned again after that.


  • His speaking voice was provided by Norio Wakamoto while Masashi Ooyama played him in the live concerts.
  • As the name suggests, Scorpius commonly refers to the giant scorpion in Greek mythology. There are many variations of the tale: either Orion makes a boastful claim that he can rid the world of animals, or someone is not pleased with his relationship with the goddess Artemis. The story ends tragically with the giant scorpion delivering a fatal sting to Orion before being flung into the night sky to exist as a constellation. Scorpius is noted for its distinctive shape as well as its brightest star, the red super giant Antares.