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Full Name
MacDonald Gargan
Scorpion, Venom, "Mac", Spider-Man
Spider-man comics
Powers / Skills
As Scorpion: Super strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. Powerful mechanical tail with blade, energy blast, and acid spray as weapons, suit for armor. As Venom: Same powers as the original Venom.
Fighting Spider-man, committing criminal activities
Destroying Spider-man
Type of Villain

Scorpion is a Marvel Comics supervillain that appears an an enemy of Spider-Man. He later becomes a member of the Thunderbolts, and is later exposed to a Symbiote and becomes the third Venom as well as the first villain to take on the Spider-Man Mantle when being part of the Dark Avengers.


MacDonald Gargan was an private detective hired by J. Jonah Jameson to discover how Peter Parker got such good pictures of Spider-man. Having failed this, Jameson then went to Professor Farley Stillwell and once again hired Gargan, but this time to become a new supervillain to destroy Spider-man. Stillwell genetically altered Gargan, giving him superhuman strength, speed, agility, and stamina; even more so than Spider-man. Stillwell also gave him a titanium/rubber suit with a mechanical tail that Gargan controlled mentally. As the Scorpion, Gargan went after Spider-man, and defeated him soundly. He was eventually defeated himself, and later went after Jameson, who had refused to give Gargan the $10,000 that he promised for beating Spider-man. Spidey was forced to save Jameson several times from the Scorpion's wrath, and Gargan eventually went insane.

Scorpion's tail could be used as a clubbing weapon, a grasping limb, or a spring to launch himself great distances. Later modifications on the tail included energy blasts, an acid spray, blades, and knockout gas.

Scorpion with the Venom symbiote
SnakewhipAdded by Snakewhip


When Eddie Brock (aka Venom) learned he was dying of cancer, he auctioned off the symbiotic alien suit that made him Venom. It eventually fell into the hands of Mac Gargan, who accepted the alien symbiote's power and became the new Venom. Now with both the powers of Scorpion and Venom, Gargan became a powerful enemy of Spider-man. Using memories of his Scorpion days, the symbiote could create a scorpion-like tail for Venom. Gargan later joined the Dark Avengers as Venom.

Venom Gargan
Gargan when fully Venom.
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Gargan has recently been separated from the symbiote suit and is now back under his original alias, and, with modifications from Alistair Smythe, is now more powerful; with stronger armor, a faster, more powerful tail, large pincers, and "scorpion sense".

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