You've just asked me "When will it end?" Well let me tell you: Once an evil deed is done, then it never ends... it goes on and it goes on forever.
~ Scorpion
Scorpion 5 deadly venoms

Scorpion in his mask

Scorpion is the main antogonist of the 1978 Movie Five Deadly Venoms. He was portrayed by Sun Chien.


Little is known of Scorpion's early history, other than that he was the third disciple of the Five Venoms House, and the only discple to complete his training by himself. After this he presumably spent a significant amount of time as an assassin. It is known that he eventually became involved with law enforcement and became a chief constable, under the (most likely assumed) name Ma. After this he became involved with the fourth and fifth Dsicples, Centipede and Snake . After the death of their master, Scorpion attempted to find the ammassed wealth of the Five Venoms House for himself. 


5 VENOM MOB The Scorpion

5 VENOM MOB The Scorpion

Scorpion is a master martial artist, trained in the Scorpion style (which has a focus on powerful kicks and gripping). The weakness of this style is that while the user can simultaneously perform locomotion and offensive maneuvers, one cannot do so at the same time; in addition, there is a lag-time between moving and throwing powerful kicks. As such, the best way to deal with this style is to keep away from the practitioner's kicking range and wait for one to come to you. Scorpion is also very protective of his identity. Beyond that, Scorpion is a totally ruthless master manipulator, willing to send goons to murder entire houses of people, and kill his own men on the spot just for figruing out his identity. Scorpion has also showed a working knowledge of local law, and can take evil actions for purely selfish reasons while still appearing as nothing more than a civil servant to almost everyone.