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Milo was Scorpio Scorpio saint of XX Century. Milo was a noble man, with a justice sense, and hate badness. He is a little impulsive and silly, but, like the other gold saints, is mature and a had much thing to teach. But, he follows the evil pope, thinking to serve Athena. But, he is pious with the good enemy, and the way to kill him, allot w he choose between surrender or death; but, if the enemy is unworthy, the same way is used to torture him until the death, with no way to surrender.

Saintia Sho

Milo saves Shoko of Eris possession, and five years later, kills her sister, that Eris possessed (was a anti hero). After this, he fight against Eris then he became a true Athena serves, so, he is not a villain in this time.

Battle with Shun's sensei and Relatioship with Hyoga

Milo almost was send to kill Saori Kido, but Aiolia was send in his replacement.In anime, Milo was sent by the pope to kill the Shun' Sensei (Daidalos), in Andromeda Island, but, Daidalos did Milo have difficulty to defeat him, and in the anime, to explain this, is said Daidalos have a power equal a gold saint; Aphrodite helps Milo to kill Daidalos (secretly).

In the manga, the reader of the manga can see the Milo's shadow sinking the ship of Hyoga's mother (Milo's should be the Hyoga's sensei), but, Kurumada, the author of series, change this in the last time, and Camus become the Hyoga master. The tankobon correct this and put Camus's shadow.

Hyoga fights with Milo and he tells to Hyoga, the truth about Camus, and the cause him imprisioned Hyoga in the ice coffin. Hyoga continues the fight and Milo, knowing Camus does not want other saint kill his valued disciple, asks permission to Camus, that allow Milo kill Hyoga. Milo almost defeat Hyoga, but his gold cloth protect him; if the gold cloth did not do this, Milo should lost the battle. Milo, seeing the Hyoga's determination, allow him cross the Scorpio house. In anime, Milo perceive Hyoga is a true servant of Athena. After this, Mu tells to Milo, the truth about the pope, and Milo, swear loyality to true Athena.

Legend of Sanctuary

Milo is a woman in this movie, and serves Athena quickly during the story, although was a villain in her first debut.