No hero will prevail this time...
~ Scorn the Dragon King

Scorn the Dragon King (also known as Scorn) is the main antagonist in the 2012 Medieval Party on the MMO game Club Penguin. He ruled Club Penguin and the Sky Kingdom long ago.



In medieval Club Penguin, Garianna (one of Gary's relatives) was making a Potion of Mighty Dragons, but something went wrong. She had accidentally opened a portal to Scorn's domain, and he conquered medieval Club Penguin. She sent a distress signal into the future, and Gary went back in time to help. After a long battle, they emerged victorious. However, after many years, Scorn awoke.


He returned many years later in 2012 to attempt to overthrow the island again. Gary was aware of his existence. He built strong armour and gave it to brave penguins to go to his lair in the Mountain of Misery, where he was defeated. After he was defeated, he was locked into Ski Hill, where he fell asleep. Upon defeating him the player would receive a free statue of Scorn which they could use as decoration in their homes.

Club Penguin Island

Scorn appeared again in the Club Penguin spinoff app called Club Penguin Island, which is a prequel to the original Club Penguin. He was the main antagonist of the 2018 Medieval Party. After Gary removed Scorn's scepter from his lair during an archaeological expedition, Scorn becomes angry and prepares to destroy Club Penguin Island. The player character solves several puzzles and defeats a few enemies in order to open the door to Scorn's lair. The player character then proceeds to battle Scorn Gary informs them that they can stop Scorn by replacing the scepter where it belongs. After the player character puts the scepter back, Scorn is turned to stone, putting him back into a state of sleep.



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