Scorm (Chima Animated)

Scorm is the king of the Scorpion Tribe and the main antagonist of season 2 in the Legends of Chima series.

When Laval dropped the Crocodile Tribe's CHI the Gorge of Eternal Depth the Crawlers  were born the effect of CHI and then Scorm and the other Dark Tribes started to covet the all CHI and they capture the others Legend Beasts and King Crominus. Laval, Cragger and their friends left the Outlands to save Legend Beasts and Crominus and they saved the beasts one at a time and Crominus too.

Later, Scorm's, Spinlyn's and Braptor's forces began to join forces to destroy their enemies. Scorm and Spinlyn quarrel always about that whether Dark Tribes created the Sky Scorpion or Sky Spider until survived that Laval was accidentally created the Dark Tribes but they do not believed.

When the Dark Tribes were defeated Laval gave the CHI-ball to Scorm and Laval and his friends returned to Chima. But later Scorm accused his defeat CHI's existence. Later season 3 Sir Fangar and his Ice Hunters froze Scorm and the other survived Dark Tribes, until Flinx melted the Dark Tribes the ice in the Ice Fortress.

Later, Flinx melted the Sir Fangar's prize room's floor and Crawlers fell, but Spinlyn rescue some of them. Scorm is one of the rescued of Crawlers' characters.