Scorch (Animal Kaiser)
Scorch is the main villain of the video game Animal Kaiser. He is a lion who has an N and a normal eye.


He is a purple lion and is the boss of Version, 4DX (Japan Only), Version 4, (English Only), Version 5, Version 6 (Normal Enemies Only), Version 7 (As Master Scorch), Version 8 and 8DX (Normal Only. 8DX in Japan Only.) and Version 9 (Normal Mode Only in English) He also revived Atlas and other Forgotten Warriors.


Scorch is the boss in Strong Mode. He will use his gigantic giest to kill the player's non-gold or silver animal with 1 hit. It's also possible for him/her to use Saturn Saw.

Death Scorch

After Leo's Father defeated him, he was awakened by the death seals and was very powerful. He will kill the player's non-gold or silver animal with 1 hit by the P Attack, so it's a very tough fight. He has a son called Scorch Junior.

Scorch Junior

Scorch Junior (Regulus) was a baby purple lion who is the son of Scorch. He is also Leo Junior's (Celeo) friend. He later became a master with Leo Junior to fight against the Galaxy Invading Animals.