Scolymus is the main antagonist of the episode of the same name. He is an evil genie which was spawned by Benito when he caused a flood from reading a book containing a spell. He is from the 2009 Spanish animated TV series, Sandra the Fairytale Detective.


Scolymus is a black shadow wraith with white hands, a white-colored face with three dots, two "eyeglasses" with two eyes (with red pupils), and two marks under his mouth.



Case: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

It is explained that Scolymus was released by Benito when using the Book of Magic Spells. The sorcerer (not Yen Sid) locked up Scolymus before Sandra met her in Limbo Land.

An image of Scolymus is shown when the sorcerer, Sandra, and Fo arrive behind Scolymus's castle. The image taunted the three to suffer to death. The sorcerer, however, used magic at Scolymus. However, the image of Scolymus disappeared and the real one is in his castle.

When on a rooftop to rescue Benito, Scolymus bursts up and captures them in a cage where Benito is. Scolymus explained that Sandra, Fo, and Benito will turn into specters when the planets align in one hour.

Once all three prisoners escaped his castle, Scolymus arrived and sensed Sandra escaped from his cage and the poison ivy. Scolymus arrived and tries to prevent Sandra from destroying his weakness.

Sandra tricked Scolymus with a balloon to pretend it's an egg. Scolymus was worried that the snake's head, when used, will deactivate all the mechanisms and Sandra throws the balloon at Scolymus. Sandra pressed the snake's head, which opened the cage. Then, she destroyed the egg, which caused Scolymus to be destroyed.