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Scolder, also known as General Scolder, is general of the Scorpion Tribe & Scorpion King Scorm's right-hand in the Legends of Chima. He captured with full Dark Tribes' the other Legend Beasts because his people the aim is takeover the Chima & steal all Chi as Crooler was going to make. But Crocodile's Legend Beast was only Dark Tribe escape the beast. Episode The Eagle & The Bear Dark Tribes built the Speedorz & used them to destroy the Laval & his friends but Dark Tribes' Speedorz do not were very good. The Final Battle when Scorpion Cave was collapsing part the Dark Tribes received the killed but part survived. General Scolder is one survivor. Later season 3 all the survival of the Dark Tribes' were the Ice Hunters' by freezing, until Flinx melted Dark Tribes the ice in the Ice Fortress.


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