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The Scientist is a playable character in "The Cave" and like most of the characters she is a morally flawed individual, her moral flaws are sufficient that she can be considered a protagonist villain: especially if one obtains her "Bad" destiny.


The Scientist was a great thinker who obtained much glory and wealth in her research into unlimited energy but became corrupted by greed as she sought more and more wealth and personal gain at ever increasing costs to morality.

Ultimately she would betray all sense of morality and sold her services to a diabolical supervillain and helped launch a nuclear strike that killed at least 100,000 people: in her "Bad" destiny she is shown celebrating her wealth and power while the world around her lay in ruins.


The Scientist is an expert hacker, which she utilizes throughout the game - in addition she is shown as a genius on the level of the finest scientific minds in the world and her area of note seems to be nuclear physics.


  • Her "Bad" Destiny is similar to the Monk in the fact she succeeds in her evil ways.
  • Her crime is perhaps one of the most heinous and detestable in the game, considering how many died.