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Scientific is a resentful villain and drug dealer in the movie Clockers.

He was portrayed by rapper Sticky Fingaz.

Scientific is a drug distributor, and a loyal one, working for Rodney, the main leader of the gang. He often shows his resentment towards Strike, who has more power. And he has good reason. As Rodney reveals in the beatdown he gives Strike, Rodney says, "You think I'm one of them little crew niggaz sitting on the project bench mothafucka?" Which shows Rodney has the deepest contempt for them.

Although Rodney manipulates and pits the crew bench against each other, it's not really Strike's fault. But Scientific feels a resentment towards Strike. He also isn't very nice about Rodney either, even referring him to "that n---a."

In the end, it seems a struggle went down between Rodney and Scientific. Remember, Rodney was angry that Strike escape and Errol got killed. It seems he wanted to take his anger out. Scientific didn't like respect or like Rodney to begin with so he tried to fight him when Rodney tried to shoot at him. It's implied. Rodney was the only one who was angry enough to shoot anyone after Strike escaped.