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Schwartz is a member of the Jamahl. He actually a computer virus inhabiting a mechanical body. He leads Jamahl's the Combat-Robot Army and is the tertiary antagonist of Juukou B-Fighter.


Schwartz was recruited into the Jamahl at an unknown time.

After Gigaro was killed and Jera deserted the Jamahl, Schwartz decided to confront the B-Fighters on his own. He transformed into his super form, Schwartz Tank, and fought the B-Fighters, but ended up with his body destroyed. His head survived, but Schwartz was now critically insane due to the damage he had sustained Schwartz took control of various objects on Earth and tried to kill Jera, but she was saved by Black Beet. His head was eventually blasted into outer space to finally get rid of him. Schwartz now orbits the Earth.

See Also

  • Noxic - His counterpart in Beetleborgs

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