School shadow
Hey, Ned! I'm gonna teach you a lesson...
~ The School Shadow during the opening sequence.

The School Shadow is one of the five antagonists from the Nightmare Ned game.

Role in the Story

Triple dare ya to come over here!
~ The School Shadow as he is trying to get Ned into his nightmare world.

Like the other shadows, he appears in the opening sequence, stalking Ned until he and the other shadows find the quilt in his bedroom and possess it, sending Ned to the nightmare worlds as they each make their introductions.

After the School Nightmare is dealt with, the School Nightmare is revealed to be a representation of a bully named Billy Blatfield, who was too afraid to ask Ned to be his friend, and consequently bullied him instead.

The School Shadow appear once more with his fellow shadow to torment Ned one last time before he woke up, with the shadows taking the form of a nightmarish version of Ned Needlemeyer. Once the evil clone was defeated, Ned awoke, and the shadows no longer had any way of messing with Ned's mind anymore.


The School Shadow is transparent and black in the opening cinematic, but is purple during gameplay. Like the other shadows, his eyes are green. However, he is much bulkier than the others and also has what looks like hair on his head. He, like the Bathroom Shadow, has jack o'lantern-like teeth.


Hey, everyone!! It's "Making Fun of Ned Day", also known as "Melonhead Day"!! Hahahahahaha!!!
~ The School Shadow as he is once again trying to lure Ned into his nightmare world.

Unlike some of the other shadows, the School Shadow is arguably one of the only shadows that isn't trying to outright kill or torture Ned. Rather, he seems like he wants to embarrass him instead. Despite him, he is still evil, just not quite as evil as his brethren. The School Shadow also seems to be the least intelligent of the shadows, as much of his dialogue is extremely childish compared to the other villains. Given that he represents a school bully, such implications make sense.

Powers and Abilities

The School Shadow, like with his brethren, can create nightmare worlds based on the fears that he represents.


  • The School Shadow is seemingly the only shadow that isn't openly connected to death in any way. However, seeing as he is a fear of school and bullies, he is connected to a fear of living life itself, which is only subtly connected to death and, by extension, the Graveyard Shadow. In a broader sense he represents the fear of humiliation.