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Schemer Razwog, or just Razwog, is the main antagonist in the opening missions of the 2011 Three Rings game Spiral Knights. However, after his defeat, it is revealed that he was working for a more powerful adversary.


Razwog was tasked by the wicked gremlin traitor Herex to use his evil constructs to destroy the Spiral Knight recruits arriving onto Cradle. He acts as the leader of the forces blocking the path to Haven.

His goal is to obtain the Artifact and ship it to Herex so that the Core may be opened. He is warned by Herex to work away from the others and hide the truth about the Artifact, bring it to Herex, and not to betray him, as he will know.

Razwog is found operating his ultimate machine, the Battlepod, upon the recruits' entry into his lair. He decides to sic his Battlepod on them, but they ultimately destroy it. He retreats as his monitors begin to explode. After the Spiral Knights pick up the Artifact, they attempt to cross the Chasm into Haven, but they enter through a laboratory, which Razwog sets ablaze, forcing them to hand over the Artifact.

The Knights hunt him down to the end of the lab, where he decides to take care of the matter personally.

He engages them in battle himself, using a scorching flamethrower. He is the first of the bosses the players will face. The Spiral Knights can pick up rockets around the room and fight back with them, as well as their own weapons. He summons mechanical monsters to deal with the Knights, but all monsters are destroyed.

Razwog drops to the ground after his defeat and turns grey, indicating that he has died and his wounds were fatal. The player retrieves the Artifact and receives the message that Herex sent to Razwog, serving as a warning to the Knights that there is a mastermind who still wants the Artifact.


  • Razwog is the main antagonist of the first levels, until eventually the true main villain is revealed as Herex.