AH3 Scharlachrot
Scharlachrot is the main villainess of Arcana Heart 3.  She is one of the young girls trained by the Drexler Institute, much like Weiß. However, Scharlachrot stands against her in an extremely obsessive manner bordering on dependence.

Scharlachrot was voiced by Yuki Matsuoka.


After the organization was taken down by Petra, Scharlachrot went missing. However, she reappears in order to oppose Weiß and the rest of the cast. She is the mid boss character of the game. Her Arcana, Baldur (Fang), is also a Geist, which shares its name with Baldur von Schirach. The Drexler Institute based Baldur on Fenrir, the massive wolf from Norse mythology.

After the great war, the secret organization Drexler had been trying to create artificial Maidens and Arcanas from behind the scenes. Scharlachrot is one of their creations. She had been trained to stand on her own in the battlefields despite her very young age. Compared to Weiss, her personality is very extreme and dependent. After Drexler was destroyed, she was under Petra's the protection. But she soon disappeared; her whereabouts are currently unknown.


  • Scharlachrot means "scarlet red", in reference to her hair/eye color as well as her bloodlust.
  • One of her alternate costumes make her resemble Black★Rock Shooter.
  • Her Arcana is named Baldur, and it is apparently in-story based off Fenrir.
  • Like Weiß, she takes her Arcana move names from prominent Nazi officers. Baldur is not a reference to the benevolent Norse god of light, but to Baldur von Schirach, head of the Hitler Youth. It even has a move called Agosai Schirach (Jawbreaking Schirach).
  • She is a comparison to Hazama since both are ax-crazy psychotic smirk who use chains, occasionally laughing mad, are one of the most evil characters in the series who hates the world, and wants to used an versatile substance for their purpose.