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Scathach, the Witch of the Woods, is the primary antagonist of American Horror Story: Roanoke. A powerful witch serving an ancient, evil religion predating Christianity, Scathach's corrupting influence is directly responsible for several colonial incidents, most notably the disappearance of the Roanoke colony.

In the re-enactment scenes of My Roanoke Nightmare, she is portrayed by Lady Gaga, who also portrayed the Countess Elizabeth Johnson.



Scathach was once an English woman who was descended from druids and their Roman conquerors. A worshiper of old gods, she left for the British colonies as a stowaway on a voyage that was plagued with death. Upon being discovered at landfall, the British soldiers blamed Scathach's female presence for enraging the sea gods, imprisoned her and sentenced her to be burned at the stake. She answered the call of more ancient and bloodthirsty gods and massacred the soldiers, thereby incriminating the Native Americans and allowing her to escape into the wild.

In the 1500s, Scathach came across the exiled former leader of the Roanoke colony, Tomasyn White, who she spared from a wild boar, in exchange for her soul. After White returned to Roanoke and violently regained control of the colony, the colonists were subjugated to follow in Scathach's religious ways. The colony migrated to a location in North Carolina, hundreds of miles away. White's own son, Ambrose, defied his mother and called on the colonists to return to Christ. As such, White personally killed the entire colony, so that their souls would belong to Scathach. As a final component of the deal, White let Scathach take her life, for eternal posthumous servitude.

Over the hundreds of years since, many encountered Scathach and her ghostly Roanoke followers. While most would die under White's blade, Scathach had a strong sexual appetite that she loved to have sated by hapless men.

Recent history

Matt Miller, the new owner of the colonial mansion located on Scathach's domain, attracted the witch's attention. At the first opportunity, she bewitched Miller and engaged in an orgy with Matt, much to the chagrin of his wife, Shelby. It was at this point that the clairvoyant Cricket discovered Scathach's identity as the true architect of the land's corruption. The next evening, she lured Matt out to the cellar, where she once again seduced him, but also shared her life's story with him.

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