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This scum Scary Maze Game
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So sayeth the great Lord of Darkness Sauron:
or he will send Darth Vader to terminate you.

RainbowmanAdded by Rainbowman

The Scary Maze Game is a popular Internet prank and an infamous "screamer" that has been employed by many people to scare others - normally this is done in good-matured fun but there have been cases of trolls latching onto it for more disruptive and/or cruel uses (such as frightening young or foolish people).

The "Scary Maze Game" relies on trickery to achieve its final outcome as it forces the victim to concentrate on the screen as they try to guide the mouse arrow through an ever-more complex maze without touching the walls, only for them to suddenly be greeted with a close up picture of Pazuzu possessing Regan from The Exorcist and a loud scream designed to scare them.

Much like the Rickroll phenomena the "Scary Maze Game" is generally viewed as harmless fun but also quite distressing and / or anger-inducing to those who have fallen victim to it due to its use by trolls it has earned as many opponents as it has fans and just like the Rickroll is now part of "troll humor".

In Saturday Night Live, Roger Sims, played by Bobby Moynihan, was shown playing the Scary Maze Game. However, the screamer was different as it featured a witch with a white and hideous face and a different scream. It scared Roger so badly he punched a hole through the monitor, breaking it and making it smoke, and then wet himself. It's unknown where the face of the hideous witch came from. You can play that version of the Scary maze game here

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