The Lion says you are a sly one!

The Scary Lion Looking For The Bear With The Brown Fuzzy Hair

The Scary Lion is one of the two characters in the The Lion And Bear Sketch in the Teletubbies children's TV series. He chases The Bear in the spooky chase scene at the end on the sketch.

He is an intimidating and frightening monster in the original sketch, making the Teletubbies scream and his roar is so loud it makes clouds move and trees in Teletubbyland shake. In the edit he has a more humorous and jolly personality., though his face still is very creepy up close but he is more humorous and jolly. He speaks in a high pitched voice, and speaks with a Yorkshire or Lancashire-like accent. He is from Chester Zoo in the North West of England, near Liverpool. He also does not know about the Space Centre in Teletubbyland. He is voiced by Eric Sykes