Scarship (メタレック・スヘルシップ; Metarex Hellship) is a mechanical character from Sonic X. A space-faring Metarex of great power, in the past Scarship was assigned to kill Cosmo's clan.


He was first seen easily decimating a fleet of anti-Metarex forces when Dark Oak commissioned him to kill Sonic the Hedgehog and Doctor Eggman. He first attacked Eggman, Shadow the Hedgehog tried to stop him but Scarship proved too strong, and seemingly destroyed Eggman's spaceship (but it actually escaped and just put a smoke-screen to make it look like it was destroyed), he engaged Tails' Blue Typhoon.

Finding his armor to be too strong, the Blue Typhoon retreated into a murky area of space. Scarship wasn't able to see it, but continued firing anyway. When he saw a large amount of junk floating in attempt to trick him into thinking he destroyed the Blue Typhoon, he still didn't fall for the trick. What he didn't realize was that Sonic, Amy Rose, and Knuckles the Echidna were hiding inside the junk, and then used the debris ejected from the Blue Typhoon to clog his weapon outlets. This causes each of Scarship's attacks to backfire and destroys his weaponry. Scarship, however refuses to quit and tries to simply ram the Blue Typhoon, but Eggman's ship suddenly appears, and Shadow then aids by destroying Scarship's engines. In a last ditch effort, Scarship attempts to self-destruct to kill everyone. Luckily, Shadow uses Chaos Control to freeze time, giving Sonic and Tails enough time to safely contain Scarship's explosion within a magnetic field. As Chaos Control wears off, Scarship explodes and peace is restored, for the time being. Scarship also appeared in a number of flashbacks, having destroyed the ship carrying Cosmo's family.

Scarship is equipped with many varieties of missiles and lasers. His armor is almost impenetrable, requiring the full power of the Sonic Driver, the Blue Typhoon's main weapon, to pierce Scarship's armor. Also noted is that in episodes following that, Ships that closely resemble Scarship are seen being used by the Metarex. This could possibly mean that Scarship was a heavily enhanced version of one of these ships.