Golden Germ

The Scarox is a mutant insect species from a desert world. The mutation of the species was the direct result of being hijacked by evil Brains, genetically engineered parasites produced in a Brain Factory.


As unknown pods crash land on the surface of the desert world, a lone Dune Crawler, a large species of arachnid, inspects the crash site.

The unsuspecting bug was ambushed by a Brain, which seized control of it. The brain caused the Dune Crawler  to mutate into a bipedal monster with venomous armor piercing fangs and four arms tipped with sharp claws.

Dune Crawlers from across the desert are hijacked by the Brains and mutated into multiple Scaroxes, which then join with other species of mutant Brain infected creatures to form an army.

The army of Brain creatures invades Makuhero City and fight the Heroes of Hero Factory.

The Scaroxes were known to target the Heroes Breez and Rocka.



  • The Scarox set of Lego's Hero Factory Brain Attack line is the first Hero Factory villain to feature a black and gold color scheme.
  • Its original form, the Dune Crawler, resembles a tarantula.
  • The Scarox set has a similar color scheme to Rocka, another set in the line. The two sets can be combined to form an upgraded version of Rocka.