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Scarlett is a 200-year-old 18th-century “healer” who lived at the outskirts of a small town.


When the wife of a village elder got sick, they brought her to Scarlett for healing. The woman died in their care and the townspeople blamed Scarlett and her husband for her death. The angry town folk kidnapped her husband and immediately cut out his eyes for fear of him giving them the “the evil eye”. The exact her revenge for her husband's death, Scarlett turned to using dark magic, killing off the townspeople one by one until they all disappeared. She used “casting cards” in which she can summon past evils to do her bidding. Another town close by, to prevent her evil from spreading, they boarded up her house and buried it, with Scarlett still inside.

Then a team of archeologist arrived on the place, after the discovery one of them go inside the house which was unburied and discovers the horror inside and now knew that the legend was true. He discovered the body of Scarlett in her bed who suddenly awoke, the archeologist escape to tell the others.

But when the other archeologist go in the house they found nothing, believes that was all a joke and the legend was fake, but one of them knew what he just see and know something evil is now outside the house, Scarlett have her own maze where she waiting for guest to arrive so she can scare them.