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Scarlet is one of the major antagonist in Final Fantasy VII and is Shinra's Head of Weapon and Development.

Final Fantasy 7

Years before the events of the game, Scarlet orders the Shinra soldiers to burn North Corel Barret Wallace's hometown due to the new Corel Reactor being sabotaged blaming them on the residents. She both shot Barret and Dyne Barret's best friend in the arm causing Barret to drop Dyne and losing both of their arms in the process.

When Cloud Strife and the remaining Avalanche members Tifa Lockheart and Barret stormed Shinra Headquarters to rescue Aerith Gainsborough. She was in the meeting room with President Shinra, Reeve Tuesti, Heidegger and Palmer over the destruction of Sector 7 and Neo Midgar. She is unsympathetic toward

Reeve who wanted to rebuild Sector 7, which President Shinra refused leaving where it is and he leaves the meeting in anger. She become suspicious and looks at the vent where Cloud and the others are watching.

In Gongaga village she and Tseng visits the ruined reactor to search a huge materia to build an ultimate weapon, but the ruined reactor a dud and they leave.

Later, she discovered Sephiroth is in the North Crater and the new President Rufus Shinra who succeeded President Shinra who was been killed by Sephiroth, leads an expedition to North Crater with Heidegger and Professor. Hojo on Cid Highwind's airship the Highwind and encounter Cloud and his friends after they a confrontation with Sephiroth and Jenova. After the meteor is summoned, she is tries to execute Tifa in the gas chamber in Junon whe she enraged slaps her before leaving and losing the keys to the handcuffs. However her scheme fails when Sapphire Weapon attacks Junon. This allows Tifa to escape into the end of the Mako Cannon where she and Scarlet have a slap fight which she can't stands if Tifa slaps her successfully. She then orders her soldiers who accompanied her to take Tifa away. As Scarlet laughs maniacally, CId's Highwind appears in front of them and Barret throws a rope at Tifa who then escapes into the Highwind and grabs the rope and pulling her safety by Barret and Scarlet's soldiers attempt to chase after the airship, but they did not make it and they and Scarlet watch the Highwind speed away.

After Sephiroth enacts a barrier around the North Crater, Scarlet moved the Mako Cannon from Junon to Midgar using it's Mako Reactor except the Sector 1 reactor which was destroyed earlier in the game and renames it into "Sister Ray". and released it's Mako-powered energy which destroyed the barrier. After the Diamond Weapon is destroyed and Rufus presumed dead by the Diamond weapon's blast, she and Heidegger takes over the company and has Reeve arrested. They encounter Cloud and his friends near the Sister Ray using their machine the Prod Cloud where they taunt Cloud who was shocked and outraged what Scarlet did to Tifa and ready to deal them. Scarlet's plan fails and the Prod Cloud exploded killing her and Heidegger in the blast and Cloud finally has his revenge on Scarlet for what she did to Tifa before he and his friends proceeding to the Sister Ray to stop Hojo and they killed him.