Scarface is a Tyrannosaurus rex and one of the main villains in the 1991 TV series of Land of the Lost. His name comes from the scar through his right eye, which makes him blind in this eye, leaving him able to see only through his left eye. He is very similar to Grumpy from the 1974 TV series of the same name.


Scarface is one of the most dangerous predators from The Land of the Lost and he is feared by everyone. He frequently hunts the Porters in order to eat them, but he is also an enemy of everyone in the Land of the Lost, including the Sleestaks. The only creature who has been able to defeat Scarface in a fight is the Myzarnian Cyborg, though he didn't kill him, he simply knocked him unconscious.


  • Due to their similarities, many fans speculate that Scarface is actually Grumpy from the 1974 series.