Scarecrows are villains from the series Doctor Who. They serve as the secondary antagonist of the two part episode Human Nature and The Family of Blood when they were animated by a group of family called the Family of Blood using the power of molecular fringe animation in rural 1913 England to serve as their soldiers.


The Scarecrows were used by the Family of Blood to serve them as soldiers. The family used a steal spacecraft to animate the scarecrows and first used them to abduct humans such as Clark, Lucy Cartwright and Jenny so the Family of Blood can possess their host bodies.

The Family of Blood used an army Scarecrows in battle against the Boys of the Farringham School, but many of the Scarecrows were shot down by the boys.

They were later re-animate again to help the Family to find one of the boys that had the Tenth Doctor's fog watch which contain the Doctor's biology and knowledge, but only found several boys that didn't have the watch at all. When the Tenth Doctor obtain his fog watch and retain his biology and personality.

aHe then set the Family's ship into self-destruct which the Family and the Tenth Doctor escape the ship before it explode. Since their ship was used to control the Scarecrows. The Scarecrows possibly return to lifeless normal Scarecrows, Son of Mine was himself turned into an immobile living scarecrow (of a different kind) by the Tenth Doctor.