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The Scarecrow is a voodoo creature and the central antagonist in The Messengers 2: The Scarecrow, the prequel to the supernatural horror film The Messengers.


The Scarecrow was placed in the farm by their former owners, using a voodoo curse, The Scarecrow was placed to protect the farm at any costs, he will kill everybody that tries to harm the farm and everybody that is a distraction to it's owner. During the movie, the protagonist named John Rollins founds The Scarecrow in a basement and puts him in the farm, however, dead birds start appearing in the farm, several people begin dying, his troubled marriage begins and a strange little girl frequently appears in the farm. John believes that The Scarecrow is the source and burns it, the ghosts of the former owners tell John that his only chance to survive is let The Scarecrow kill his family. Believing that John has gone mad, his family tries to escape, however, The Scarecrow comes to life and tries to kill them, John manages to subdue The Scarecrow in a tussle and Michael Rollins runs it over with a tractor. The family then destroys The Scarecrow and the film ends with the strange little girl taking the remains of The Scarecrow where John first found it.


  • The reason why the little girl takes the remains of the Scarecrow is unknown.

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