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Scarab Mutant
Scarab Beetle Mutant (28) - A scarab beetle monster. It can emit Oganemushis (which are worth $10,000) from the mouth-like opening on its chest and emit golden dust from its mouth. Scarab Beetle Mutant was used by Bilgenia to awaken the ugliness rooted in humans. The appearance of Oganemushis had started a hunt for those that are after them including Satoro's parent resulting in the people obtaining them for riches. Bilgenia disguised himself as a recent-millionaire and lured Kotaro into battle. In the second battle at a train yard, Kamen Rider BLACK was hit by the gold dust that was slowly hardening up. The Road Sector tackled Bilgenia and Scarab Beetle was hit by the Road Sector's Sparkling Attack causing the gold to come off. Once Kamen Rider BLACK killed Scarab Beetle Mutant with the Rider Punch, the Oogani Beetles disappeared.

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