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Scar was one of the three predators to enter the underground pyramid and would be the only one to leave alive. He was accompanied by his brothers Celtic and Chopper, and was the only one of the trio to achieve the rank of a Blooded Predator.


In the Movie


Scar killing the offending human

Scar is sent to the Artic with his two brother, Chopper and Celtic, to complete his Chiva and kill off the humans on the hunting grounds when it becomes pesky by stealing their Plasma Casters. They are able to kill a few before they even enter the undeground, Scar in particular doing away with a human who tried to attack him with an ice pick.


A facehugger sneaks up on Scar

While Celtic and Chopper follow and antagonize the humans, Scar goes his own way to find and kill Xenomorphs. He successfully bisects a facehugger before it can attach itself to his face, later killing another adult Xenomorph who thought it was being stealthy. However, as he takes off his mask to mark himself with the acidic blood of his quarry, a second facehugger attacks and infests him. Scar awakens some time later, and continues on, pursuing Alexa and Sebastian, the final two humans alive at this point. Sebastian is taken by a Xenomorph, leaving Alexa alone with Scar.

He looks to do her harm at first, but Alexa is submissive, begs for his help and returns his Plasma Caster to him. He still doesn't pay her much heed after that fact, until a Xenomorph attacks him and her throws it onto her. Surprisingly, Lex is able to kill the beast, intriguing Scar. Before anything more can happen, several more aliens attack, but armed with his Plasma Caster, Scar makes quick work of them and remaining ones retreat on their Queen's orders.


Scar and Lex Team up

Scar, likely deciding that continuing on alone isn't a good idea, finally decides to ally with Lex for the time being. He arms her, making a makeshift spear and shield out of a Xenomorph corpse, then they move off to find Sebastian. He is already infested by the time they do, Scar moving to kill him, but Lex stops him and tearfully kills her friend instead. The Chestburster still emerges, Scar catching it and easily snapping it's fragile neck with his bare hand.

The pair are accosted by more aliens on the way to free, including Grid, but they've planted a Wrist Bomb to destroy all the aliens. They barely manage to escape it's blast radius, but once they do, Scar offers to mark Alexa as a true hunter for she has killed two Xenomorphs where his brothers could not even handle one. She accepts this mark and shortly after receiving them, both predator and human are faced with the Xenomorph Queen. Using the chains clinging to her body, they are able to tie her to a water tower and then send both her and the tower into the freezing water over the side of a cliff. Not before the Queen fatally impales Scar however.


Scar dies on Earth, in the snow, a young blooded predator with his human companion kneeling next to him. His body is taken onboard a Predator ship, where the Gunnison Predalien erupts from his chest.


While Chopper and Celtic were never far from each other, Scar was a bit of a lone wolf. He was efficient and honorable, unwilling to needlessly prolong a kill or hunt sick prey, until it attack him first. He also saw the value in having a partner once his own brothers were dead, and was considerate enough to arm her against any possible threats.


Scar was rather unremarkable compared to his brothers, particularly his mask, which is rather simple in design. He is the only predator seen without his mask, his face having tiny black quills around his brow and jawline. Despite being an alien, Scar's eyes were a very human brown.


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