Scam Woman 1

The Scam Woman is an antagonist in "The Subway. She appears in a Season Three episode of Seinfeld.

She was portrayed by Barbara Stock.


Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer are all on a subway, but headed to different destinations. In George's case, he is headed to a job interview when he meets a mysterious and beautiful woman. After chatting, the Scam Woman entices George to leave with him, even though his job interview is highly important. She later takes George to a hotel and changes into some provocative lingerie, and also handcuffs George to the bed. While George is expecting an unforgettable sexual encounter, he is later shocked to see the woman fully dressed and robbing him of all of his money, eight dollars, to be exact. Despite her displeasure of what little money George has, the Scam Woman takes that and also steals his clothes, leaving George in his boxers and handcuffed to the bed.



  • Barbara Stock previously played titular villainess Desire in the TV movie, Desire, The Vampire (alternately titled, I, Desire).