Scabs - Criminals who will shoot you for no good reason. Best way to deal with them - Shoot first
~ Floyd introducing Scabs for the first time

Scabs are the tertiary antagonists of the 2014 game, Sunset Overdrive alongside OD and Fizzco Company robots. They are extremly violent human survivors of the epidemic called Horror Night when a massive energy drink company called Fizzco whose brand-new energy drink turns the drinker into extremely aggressive mutants called OD.

Scabs weapons are mostly long range (with the exception of Scab Rushers of course) In any case these enmies can cause a massive amount of damage to the players but a plus-side is that they can also attack and kill OD to help you during a battle. It's best to move around the environment as if they stand in one spot too long then they will kill the player. Similar to OD these enemy types can be kill.ed by a combat attack especially if the player is quick enough. Their former boss was King Scab.

Scabs dress rather casually however they also choose to decorate themselves with armour from Fizzco robots that they presumably destroyed. After the player completed the main game the it is unknown what happened to the Scabs however they do appear in most of the side missions. One of the many assumptions is that with their leader killed and the Player continuously killing groups of them they were killed by OD. If the outside world did discover the truth about Sunset City then the Scabs would probably be imprisoned for their crimes. However it can be simply assumed that the Scabs are still at large.

Types of Scabs

Scab Shooter in-game

Scab Shooters

Scab Rusher's in-game
These types of Scabs are the most common types of enemies. They normally travel in groups and signature weapon is the AK-FU which rapidly fires at the player. The best weapon against these enemies are Dirty Harry.