The Sawrunner is the most infamous antagonist from the 2012 horror game Cry of Fear, being a chainsaw wielding psychopath known for his terrifying screams and one-hit-kills.


He is absolutely impossible to kill without secret weapons and is inarguably the most dangerous enemy in the game. First appearing in the alleys of Roland Street, the Sawrunner will relentlessly chase down the player with great and persistent speeds, and will kill them upon touch with the slice of his powerful chainsaw. While he appears five times throughout the game, his most notorious encounter is the fourth one, in the forest. In fact, the forest encounter is considered the scariest moment in the entire game by a majority of the Cry of Fear community.

The Sawrunner also appears three times in Doctor Mode, and two times in Co-Op mode. It is also believed that the Sawrunner, like most enemies in the game, is a mental manesfitation of Simon's inner demons. Exactly what demon the Sawrunner is, however, is unknown, but the happy theatre masks draped around his face may symbolize that Simon appears as a normal person, while in reality he is crippingly depressed and hateful.


  • The Sawrunner is very similar to Leatherface. They are both masked psychopaths who kill anyone they see with a chainsaw, and only communicate through insane screams and persistent chases.
  • He is widely considered to be the most terrifying villain in the entire game by many fans.