Hey come here pal! You couldn't hit the side of a tugboat! Heh-heh... you harpoon like a girly-girl! Take your best shot, huh? Go ahead.
~ Sawnose taunting at Captain Cat and Skippy.

Sawnose is the imaginary villain of the CatDog episode "The Old CatDog and the Sea". He is a swordfish who terrorizes the fishing village of Cape Marina Del Coveburg.

He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.


In this story fabricated by Cat so he can win a cruise with Tallulah, Sawnose's attacks in Cape Marina Del Coveburg made chaos among its citizens. In a meeting, Captain Cat (Cat) and Skippy (Dog) says that they will hunt Sawnose.

Captain Cat and Skipper use a ship to find Sawnose. After several days, they find him. Sawnose taunts the captain and first-mate by mooning at them. Captain Cat launches a harpoon (A toilet plunger) at his rear with a beacon attached to it.

After a pirate attack, Captain Cat and Skippy resumes their search for Sawnose. As Cat tries to harpoon at him, Sawnose rams the ship's hull, causing it to sink.

In the third attempt in finding Sawnose, Sawnose hits the hull of the ship, which sinks it. Sawnose tries to kill Captain Cat and Skippy but with Skippy's "auto-inflatable supersonic amphibious fish getaway vessel," his attack misses.

From Dog's narration, he stated that Sawnose got captured by the Sea Chimps. Skippy says that if he wants him, he would have to fight the Sea Chimps. Finally, Dog says that Skippy puts Sawnose to the marina and Skippy was hailed hero. As Dog turn the story unrealistic, Cat admits Tallulah that the trophy fish is not Sawnose and was received from a garage sale.


  • He appears to be a parody of Jaws.