Savonarola's Lieutenants were nine wealthy and important men in the city of Florence who served as Girolamo Savonarola's lieutenants who imposed his rule on the city in the videogame Assassin's Creed II, the DLC Bonfire of the Vanities.

Most of the lieutenants were charmed by the Apple of Eden on Savonarola's possession, but some of them willingly helped the mad monk.

The Lieutenants

Still life 1

The Artist overseeing the bonfire.

  • The Artist: A known and skilled artist of Florence, the Artist was charmed by Savonarola's apple into thinking that the tools of art and writing belonged to the devil, so he forced the citizens of the Oltrarno district into giving in all their books, paintings and similar things to him so he could burn them on the bonfire.
  • The Guard Captain: A skilled swordsman and leader of the Florentine guards, the Guard Captain was tasked by Savonarola into killing the rebels and supporters of the Medici.
  • The Nobleman: The Nobleman was a wealthy aristocrat, charmed by the Apple to obey Savonarola. The Nobleman took over the Market district of Florence, declaring that those who were above others could not be questioned.
  • The Priest: A cleric of good reputation, Savonarola charmed the Priest and forced him to give various sermons to the people in order to gain their trust and loyalty.
    Port Authority 1

    The Merchant giving orders to a guard.

  • The Merchant: A rich and wealthy merchant, the Merchant was forced by Savonarola to hoard food and water in order to punish the rebelling citizens.
  • The Doctor: A skilled and known doctor, the Doctor was charmed and forced by Savonarola to only treat the wounds of those who were loyal to Savonarola.
  • The Farmer: A farmer who owned a large farm on the outskirts of Florence, the Farmer did not need to be charmed in order to follow Savonarola, since he hated the nobility and rich merchants for thinking they were superior to him. The Farmer kept all the city's hay on his farm, preventing the rebels from having access to the basic but essential resource


  • The Condottiero: A once wealthy nobleman, the Condottiero fell in disgrace after losing his business. He was then charmed by Savonarola's Apple, who forced him to only allow those who were loyal to Savonarola to pass through the Ponte Vecchio.
Doomsday 2-0

Ezio putting an end to the Preacher's life.

  • The Preacher: Savonarola's main and most loyal lieutenant, the Preacher did not need to be charmed by the Apple to willingly follow the mad monk. He gave long speeches to the people about God being salvation, trying to make the people follow Savonarola.

Assassin's Creed II: Bonfire of the Vanities

All the lieutenants were killed by Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who sought to destroy Savonarola's control over the city and take the Apple of Eden back.