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Brother, I am an unworthy apprentice. I'm not like you. I never was...
~ Savage Opress' final words

Savage Opress is Darth Maul's long-lost brother and eventual apprentice who appears as a major antagonist for his three season appearances of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He serves as the tertiary antagonist of the series.


Early Life and Immersion in the Dark Side

Savage was born on Dathomir to Mother Talzin and had two brothers, Maul and Feral. He and Maul underwent a ritual that had them bath in an oil like substance that gave them the markings of the Nightbrothers. However, Talzin, did not let Savage know about Maul, who was taken away from her by Darth Sidious for training as a Sith. The two grew up together in the village of the Nightbrothers and Savage learned much of the cruel nature of the world early on.


Savage as Nightbrothers with Feral

He often sparred with Feral and did his best to protect him from the Nightsisters, as the witches made frequent visits to the Nightbrothers to select personal servants and mates through harsh ritual challenges. Savage and Feral eventually became tribal heads amongst the Nightbrothers. However, as the Clone Wars raged across the galaxy, Asajj Ventress came to the tribe to find a servant amongst them that she could use to take revenge on Count Dooku. As Savage, Feral, and the other tribe leaders were brought forward for inspection, he told Feral not to draw attention to himself to avoid being picked. However, the two were amongst the group selected for the tests. Savage did his best to keep Feral alive throughout the tests, until the two were the only ones left. In the final test, Ventress managed to corner and Force choke Feral, but Savage intervened, asking her to take him instead of his brother. The two fought hand to hand before Ventress finally overwhelmed him, but she was impressed by his skills, choosing him. She took Savage away to the Nightsisters’ fortress, where Mother Talzin used a dark side ritual to channel spirit ichor and pure hatred into his body. Savage was transformed, granting him greater Force powers and abilities, as well as far more brutality and ferocity.

SO & AV 2

Savage choking Ventress after his transformation

The Nightsisters used their magic to make Savage obedient to Ventress, though Talzin also ensured his loyalty was to her. With all of his compassion gone, he attacked Ventress upon being awakened, but immediately released her when she commanded it.


Savage killing Feral

Feral was brought before Savage and with one command from Ventress, he easily strangled his brother. Ventress taught him to draw upon his hatred and have no mercy for anyone and Talzin granted Savage a pike made of spirit ichor and a new set of armor. He was then presented to Dooku as a new apprentice and assassin by Talzin so that Ventress could use him to take her revenge and kill the Sith Lord.

Training under Dooku and Battle with his Masters

Dooku decided he wanted proof of Savage’s abilities and sent him to help the forces of the Confederacy take the Temple of Eedit, as it was a major military outpost of the Republic.


Savage easily fighting the Jedi

Savage headed to the temple, pushing his way through the attacking droids, and cut down the clone troopers with ease. He then engaged the two Jedi defending the temple and soon killed the two of them as well. Savage contacted Dooku to inform them he’d succeeded and the Sith Lord was impressed, having him return to him.


Savage alongside his new "master"

Dooku told Savage that he would train him to be a great Sith, capable of helping him overthrow Darth Sidious so that they could take over the galaxy. Savage continued to perform missions for his new “master,” traveling to Affa, where he was to find a Hutt, Noggox, who had been aiding the Republic’s business. The Hutt had a Jedi Padawan, Nuru Kungurama, on the way to escort his ships so Savage needed to take Noggox out before he arrived. Savage let himself be captured by Noggox so as to be brought before the Hutt. He revealed that he worked for Dooku and that he knew Kungurama was on the way, before freeing himself of his bindings and killing Noggox and his bodyguards. Savage wished to stay to take on Kungurama next, but Dooku commanded him to leave and he obeyed reluctantly. The Nightbrother began focusing on his training with the Sith Lord, switching his halberd for a double-bladed lightsaber.


Savage being easily bested by Dooku in their sparring matches

While he had great potential, Savage’s skills were lacking and Dooku taught him to drawn on his hatred to succeed in the challenges he gave him. The Nightbrother was then sent to capture King Katuunko of Toydaria, who had previously refused an offer to join the Confederacy. Savage easily cut a bloody swathe through the royal guards, before subduing Katuuno. However Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker intervened, having come to track down the one who killed the Jedi at the Temple of Eedit. Savage fought the two, but Katuunko, who he’d been carrying unconscious, awoke and freed himself from the Nightbrother’s clutches.


Savage Force choking Katuunko as he grapples with Anakin and Obi-Wan

Anakin and Obi-Wan pinned down Savage, who angrily strangled Katuunko to death using the Force, before forcing the two Jedi off of him. The Nightbrother dragged Katuunko’s body into his ship, destroying the Jedi’s ship to keep them from coming after him. They used the king’s ship to follow Savage, who returned to Dooku. The Sith Lord was not pleased to learn his apprentice had failed to capture Katuunko alive as he asked and tortured him with Force Lightning, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Ventress.


Savage facing Dooku alongside Ventress

Dooku offered to forgive Savage’s failure if he killed his former apprentice, but Ventress used the magic Talzin used on him to make the Nightbrother fight the Sith Lord with her. Despite, Savage briefly managing to disarm Dooku, he was overcome by Force lightning blasts from the Sith Lord. He was continually forced down by the blasts with Ventress angrily reprimanding him for being too weak.


Savage turning on both of his former masters

But this allowed Savage’s anger to overcome the spell on him, causing him to attack both Ventress and Dooku. They both managed to drive him back with their Force powers, before escaping to continue their duel. Meanwhile, Savage found himself facing Anakin and Obi-Wan again, attacking them both in anger. He managed to drive him back and found himself under attack by Dooku’s battle droids, wearing him down. Savage finally drove back all his enemies with a massive Force pulse and retreated, returning to Dathomir.


Savage being given a talisman to find Maul by Mother Talzin

He went to Mother Talzin and told her that he believed he was not strong enough to take on Ventress, Dooku, and the Jedi alone. However, Savage was shocked to hear from Talzin that he could seek out his long lost brother, Darth Maul. She gave him an enchanted talisman to find the exiled Sith Lord with and Savage set out to find him, Talzin saying they both had an important destiny.

Joining with Darth Maul

Savage searched the Outer Rim for Maul, at one point stopping at a diner on Stobar. When a waitress tried to look at the talisman Talzin gave him, the Nightbrother angrily grabbed her by the neck. As the other patrons fled in terror, Savage tossed the waitress aside, then fled, resulting in a million-credit bounty being placed on him. He finally discovered a lead on his brother’s location, finding his way to Lotho Minor and tracking him. Savage finally came across Morley, a scavenger who offered to help him look for Maul. The Nightbrother rejected the offer but Morley kept following him and eventually told him about a “horned man” who dragged people away to devour them. However, when they took shelter from acid rain, Savage was betrayed by Morley and dropped down a trapdoor into a series of tunnels, an offering by the scavenger to the “horned man.” Savage was hunted and attacked by a strange spider-like creature.


Savage finding his delusional brother

He fought back, believing it had killed his brother, only to be shocked when he realized that the creature was Maul. The Sith Lord had been driven into a maddened state after his near death against Obi-Wan. He’d created a six-legged apparatus to replace his legs and lived a rough existence on Lotho Minor. When Morley showed up, Savage angrily grabbed him by the neck, enraged that the scavenger had failed to actually help his brother. Savage broke his spine and tossed Morley in the nearby fire, finding that Maul only had one memory and desire left, having his revenge on Obi-Wan for nearly killing him. Savage brought Maul back to Mother Talzin to heal him, only to find the Nightsisters’ had been decimated in an attack by Dooku. He found Talzin, who told him what had happened, but said that she could help Maul. Savage brought his brother to her and she’d restored his memories, giving him a new pair of robotic legs. Savage then told Maul of the Clone Wars, giving him half of his former lightsaberm and together they plotted for a chance to finally pay back Obi-Wan. They headed to Raydonia to draw the Jedi out, having Maul slaughter the colonists there and send footage of it to the Jedi temple. Obi-Wan came alone to take on Maul, but Savage ambushed the Jedi, disarming him and taking him down while his brother took Obi-Wan’s lightsaber. They locked Obi-Wan up aboard their ship and tortured the Jedi as the ship took off, but realized that Asajj Ventress was hidden aboard the ship. She’d taken up bounty hunting and sought to settle things with Savage, as well as get the bounty on his head.


Savage and Maul fighting Obi-Wan and Ventress

Maul ordered his brother to kill her and searched the ship for her, only to find her freeing Obi-Wan and giving him one of her lightsabers so they could fight the two brothers together. Savage managed to overwhelm his former master and eventually, Obi-Wan and Ventress managed to retreat in an escape pod. The two wandered the Outer Rim, working on their own plan to use the chaos of the Clone Wars to assume power. On one occasion, the two were at Yellowblade’s Landing, seeking to form an army but ended up in a fight with a gang called the Scourge, but easily cut down their attackers. Savage let one of them survive hoping he would lure the Jedi to them but Maul reprimanded him, stating they needed to focus on being discreet. The two killed all of the witnesses to the fight, and headed for the Scourge’s base where they found a woman captured by the gang, who promised them a reward if they returned her to her brother. However, the two were intercepted by a group of Jedi that had indeed come looking for them. Thinking the gang was holding the woman hostage, the Jedi came after them and Savage and Maul fought them off, trying to get to the hangar. Savage severed the hand of one that challenged him, but Maul made him withdraw before he could finish the Jedi off. The two Sith brought the woman to her brother, Esano, and she begged him to pay the two or else they’d kill her. However, Esano was perfectly willing for this to happen, as that would leave the family fortune in his hands. Savage and Maul responded by killing Esano and his guards and his sister paid her their reward. However, the Jedi arrived to pursue them and Savage took on Plo Koon, managing to take his breathing mask to remove him from the fight. However, Anakin and Obi-Wan arrived, blasting Savage with their laser cannons and forcing the two Sith to make their escape, their money having been lost in the fight.

Ds01 02

Savage fighting the bounty hunters

The two eventually hid out on Paklan, but were hunted down by a troop of bounty hunters led by Zika. Savage and Maul easily killed them, making their informant, Toomey, tell them that the bounty the hunters were after had been put on their head by a business man named Ja’Boag. Ja’Boag was the CEO of Rim commercial Mining and ran mining operations on Moorjhone. Savage and Maul went after him, easily overcoming his security force before heading into the mine to find Ja’Boag. The businessman mocked them for just charging into enemy territory and a team of Jedi showed up. Master Salmara offered them a chance to give themselves up, but Savage angrily declared their refusal and the two engaged their enemy.

2681835-savage darth maul death sentence 2 frozen in carbonite

Savage being frozen in carbonite

Savage dueled with Master Judd but in the fight, a container was thrown at him. He slashed it with his lightsaber, not realizing it contained carbonite and Maul’s warning came too late. The carbonite spilled over him, freezing him in it and forcing Maul to leave him behind when he retreated. Savage was placed in Ja’Boag’s control room but Maul eventually came to his rescue, having manipulated the Moorjhoni into attack the mine to distract the Republic army and security forces. Maul unfroze Savage and he instantly joined his brother in fighting off the Jedi. The two eventually escaped, taking Ja’Boag with them, and made him remove the bounty on them, as well as transfer a huge amount of credits to them. With no further use for Ja’Boag, Savage then tossed him out of the airlock.

Beginning Their Own Plot

Savage and Maul continued to rampage across the galaxy, raiding the Cybloc Transfer Station to steal valuables. Savage found a huge amount of credits, but Maul stated credits meant nothing if they didn’t have any real plan. He told his brother that he saw a future where he would be the master and Savage was his apprentice.


Savage being beaten down by Maul

Savage tried to demand that they be equals, but Maul refused, resulting in a brief duel where the former was easily defeated by his brother. Savage accepted his position as apprentice as was the way of the Sith Rule of Two. They headed to Florrum and were attacked by space pirates, but they found themselves at the mercy of the Sith Lords. However, Maul recruited the pirates, led by Jiro, but when the pirate’s former boss, Hondo Ohnaka refused to join, Savage and Maul went to kill him. At first, the pirates allied to them fought Ohnaka’s gang while the two Sith stayed out of it. However, Obi-Wan and another Jedi, Adi Gallia, arrived and Savage and Maul took them on.

Adi Gallia's Death (Clone Wars)

Savage taking down Gallia by impaling her with his horns

In spite of Gallia using Savage’s bulk against him, he ultimately overpowered and killed her. Obi-Wan retreated with Ohnaka and Savage, Maul, and their forces pursued them. The two Sith Lords hunted for Obi-Wan and despite his efforts, overpowered  him.


Savage losing his arm

However, the Jedi kicked Savage in the leg where it had been wounded earlier and giving him the opportunity to cut off the Sith’s arm. Maul used the Force to bring down the ceiling on Obi-Wan, but they found that Jiro and the pirates had turned on them, shooting at them. The two retreated with Savage carrying Maul after a laser blast hit his brother’s cybernetic leg and finding themselves again pursued by Obi-Wan. Maul brought down a cliff to let them escape to the ship but one of the pirates hit the rear engine with a rocket. As the ship crashed to the surface, Savage started to think they had no way out, but Maul made him get into the ship’s escape pod, allowing them to escape. However, their pod was lacking in oxygen, causing them to fall unconscious, but they were found by Pre Vizsla and his Death Watch.


Savage getting his arm replaced

They brought the two Sith Lords to their camp to be healed and Savage awoke, his arm now replaced by a cybernetic one, and angrily destroyed the medical droids around him. However, Maul calmed him and told him what had happened to them. Savage asked if they were prisoners, but his master stated that the Mandalorians would be even more useful to them, thanks to their warrior honor. Even though Savage said such honor was a weakness, Maul insisted, saying they could make great use of Mandalore’s resources and the Death Watch forces.


Savage, Maul, and Vizsla going to recruit the Black Sun

Working with Vizsla, Savage and Maul went to Mustafar to recruit the Black Sun, wanting their resources. When the leader, Xomit Grunseit, refused to join their alliance, Savage easily killed one of the guards, tossing him on the Black Sun council’s table.

Black Sun council killed

Savage having killed the Black Sun Council

When Grunseit still refused, Savage tossed his lightsaber at them, killing them all in one swift move. Maul then gave command of the Black Sun to head of the guards, who agreed to be part of their alliance. After recruiting Lom Pyke and his syndicate, Savage, Maul, and Vizsla moved to gain the allegiance of the Hutts. However, negotiations did not go well and Savage and the others were forced to storm the Hutt palace with the Death Watch with Savage leading the charge.


Savage and his allies confronting Jabba

After interrogating an elderly Hutt, they went to the palace of Jabba the Hutt, but not before Savage killed their captive. They easily took the palace and made the Hutts’ submit to them. With all their new allies, the “Shadow Collective” as it was called, began their plans to conquer Mandalore, staging criminal attacks that the Death Watch would then stop, so as to discredit Duchess Satine.


Savage pretending to be captured by the Death Watch

Savage took part in one of these staged attacks, leading a team to rob a bank and easily killing the police that tried to stop him. However, Vizsla arrived to stop him and the two engaged in a mock duel, before Savage allowed himself to be defeated. But Vizsla betrayed the two, locking them in Sundari prison after he’d taken over Mandalore, though the two easily broke out of their cells. Savage and Maul searched for political outcasts they could install as a puppet ruler, learning from Almec that if Vizsla was challenged to a duel, his warrior code would keep him from refusing. To the victor would go leadership of the Death Watch. Savage and Maul went to confront Vizsla and Savage watched as his brother duelled the Mandalorian, eventually killing him and claiming command. Maul, Savage, and their Mandalorians captured Obi-Wan, executing the Duchess Kryze in front of him, before having the Jedi imprisoned.


Savage and Maul facing off against Sidious

However, Savage and Maul were soon confronted by Maul’s former master, Darth Sidious. Despite Maul trying to offer his services to his master again, Sidious refused and he and Savage were forced to take the Sith Lord on.


Savage being killed by Sidious

Despite their efforts, the two Nightbrothes were no match for Sidious and Savage ended up being fatally wounded by him. Maul ran to his brother, mourning for him, and Savage felt the Nightsister’s enchantments leaving him.

Savage dying

Savage Opress lay dying

The Nightbrother told Maul that he was sorry he was not as strong as him and for being an unworthy apprentice, before dying.


Savage is fearsome, cruel, and cold, perfectly willing to murder others without even blinking, despite the fact that he was once a somewhat kind individual. Savage possess extreme determination and was quite loyal towards those he chose to give it to. His aggression and tendency towards anger make it so he often rampages without thinking things through. Maul managed to make it so he is somewhat more levelheaded, but Savage still butts head with him occasionally. Despite this, the two were extremely close and Savage does wish to be a worthy apprentice to Maul.



Savage with his spirit ichor pike

Savage is extremely deadly, having learned to fight while he was a Nightbrother. His transformation through Nightsister magic grants him monstrous strength, speed, endurance, and agility. In particular, Savage can shrug off attacks with ease and at first, he wields a pike made of spirit ichor, though replaces this with a double-bladed lightsaber like his brother’s original one. Savage’s fighting style is less about technique and more about using pure aggressive ferocity to wear his opponent down. However, he was absolutely no match against Darth Sidious, as when their final clash led to a one-on-one duel, Sidious easily overwhelmed and destroyed him. He is an extremely fast learner, both with lightsaber combat and using the Force. The Nightsister transformation enhanced Savage’s force abilities and he is able to use telekinesis and unleash powerful waves of force to knock back his opponent. Savage’s armor is also quite durable, protecting him from numerous dangers.


  • Savage is voiced by Clancy Brown, who had voiced many animated characters, such as Lex Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series.


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