The Savage Golems

The Savage Golems

Savage Golems (in Japanese: サベージ ゴレムス, Sabeeji Goremusu) are zomble-like demons and enemies in Devil May Cry 2. They are artificial creatures made from the flesh, bones, and viscera of various animals.

These emotionless grotesque monsters, who were seen attacking the Vie de Marli clan's homeland of Dumary Island, have secretly crafted through magic and science by Uroboros Corporation under Arius's command who built their own "city there while searching for the fabled Arcanas.

The Savage Golems possesses the ability to grow back themselves after death. The only way to destroy these undead monsters is to strike their still-mobile legs they leave behind after fallen in battle before they can quickly regenerate.


They are dark gray humanoid beasts without heads and necks. They have 3 claw-like fingers on each hand and brown fur on their legs. When they died and leave behind their dismembered body parts, they show their blood and organs that are colored purple before regenerating their whole bodies.



  • According to Jewish folklore, a golem is a being made up of nonliving objects. The name came from the Hebrew word that directly means "cocoon" or idiomatically meaning "fool", but other sources tell that it came from the word "gelem" which means "raw material".
    • The word golem was once used in the Bible to refer to an embryonic or incomplete substance: Psalm 139:16 uses the word גלמי, meaning my unshaped form, which then passes into Yiddish as "goylem". The Mishnah uses the term for an uncultivated person ("Seven characteristics are in an uncultivated person, and seven in a learned one", Pirkei Avot 5:9 in the Hebrew text, varies in English translations). Similarly, golems are often used today in metaphor either as brainless lunks or as entities serving a man under controlled conditions, but hostile to him in others. Similarly, it is a Yiddish slang insult for someone who is clumsy or slow.

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