Sausage Leader.

The Sausage Cult Leader (also known as The Sausage Worship Leader) is an anthropomorphic bird who appears as the main antagonist in the episode called "Schnit-Heads" of Rocko's Modern Life.


He is the manager of The Schnit Hut who invites Heffer to his party and to join the club. He and his associates are entirely devoted to producing, selling, consuming and even worshipping sausages day after day. At first enthusiastic about his new friends' devotion to one of his favorite foods, Heffer eventually grows tired and, one fatidical night, decides to order some pizza, explaining to the shocked cult members that he was getting a little tired of sausage.

The Cult Leader goes berserk and furious and sentences Heffer to Sourkraut Fielding. When Rocko goes to The Club of Sausages, the guard yells at Rocko that he's never allowed to see Heffer again and forces Rocko to get out. Meanwhile, Rocko and Filburt work on a disguise of a giant great one of sausage. Upon seeing the giant sausage, the guard becomes cowardly and allows the monster in, with Heffer's friends hiding inside the disguise. Filburt yells at the members to bow down and bring him Heffer, but throwing Heffer inside of the great one's mouth and the costume's jaw became loose and fell out.

The Cult members realize that they have been fooled and they go charge at Filburt, Rocko and Heffer. The Cult Leader and his members threaten to torture the three of them for punishment, but Really Really Big Man shows up right in time, disguised as a king of wieners, and claims to send the Leader and his member henchmen to flight but tricks them into dropping them to an island for their punishment, so Big Man saves Rocko and his friends and sends them home.