Saturday's Noon is a handsome Denizen. He is a minor villains of The Keys to the Kingdom Series. After fighting the Lieutenant Keeper in Sir Thursday, the Lieutenant Keeper says that the man was Saturday's Dusk. However, in the same book, Suzy, while later relating her adventures to Arthur, says that the man was Saturday's Noon. This is most likely due to a typing error (See below section).

Alternatively, since the Lieutenant Keeper seems to have recognized him personally from a previous encounter long ago it is possible, though not confirmed, that the denizen the Lieutenant keeper was fighting in Sir Thursday used to be Saturday's Dusk at the time the Lieutenant Keeper previously encountered him but has since been promoted to become Saturday's Noon. It is likely that he is in charge of the Sorcerous Supernumeraries, Denizens who have failed their tests to become a full sorcerer and seem to be among the more downtrodden and miserable of Superior Saturday's servants.

Differences between the Noon and Saturday's Dusk

  • Dusk is mentioned by Dame Primus at the end of Grim Tuesday that Saturday's Dusk may have been in the Far Reaches; a high ranking Denizen had just stabbed Yan, and was then stabbed by Arthur. It is also interesting to note here that the blood of the stabbed Denizen was gold, whereas every other mention of Denizen blood has been blue, including the blood of the more powerful Drowned Wednesday and Lady Friday. The blood of the Denizen murdered in Lady Friday is blue, although this could be another typing inconsistency. Adding to this conundrum is the fact that in Superior Saturday, after he has lost his mortality, Arthur has gold blood as well. Arthur later says in Lady Friday "the Dusk I met in the Pit...", implying it was Dusk that stabbed Yan.
  • The Denizen that fought the Lieutenant Keeper had a silver tongue, often the mark of Noon. The Keeper said that the Denizen was Saturday's Dusk. Later, while recounting her adventures in Sir Thursday, Suzy says that the man was Noon; she contradicts herself in Lady Friday, now saying the Keeper fought Dusk. The possible typing error is further supported by the pattern of Noons having a silver tongue, Dusk with a black one. It is also possible that a denizen who once was Saturday's Dusk was promoted to become Saturday's Noon. As with the change in positions of Monday's Noon and Dusk, the tongue color is derived from the position, not the denizen occupying the position and changes with a change in rank.