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Satori (Naruto)
Satori is a demonic bird-like creature that appears in the Naruto Shipudden Film, Naruto 5: Blood Prison. According to Gamabunta, the Box of Ultimate Bliss " "brings forth", "actuates", and "ends" with Satori. Satori has been around since the age of the Sage of Six Paths and that Satori is just a puppet of the Box. The rest of Satori's history is a mystery. During a flashback in a conversation between Gamabunta and Naruto, most likely during the era of the Sage of Six Paths, that Satori brought widespread destruction upon its unleashing to the world. After Mui wished the Box for the release of his son Muku , Muku struck down his father. Upon seeing Ryuzetsu, Muku's childhood friend, Muku transformed to Satori. The monster began attacking anything and anyone within its vicinity. It tries to throw as many people it can into the box. Naruto and his comrades tried to subdue the beast. After sometime, Naruto and Ryuzetsu gave Mui an advantage to use Fire Release: Great Fire Heavenly Prison on Satori, leaving him open to Naruto's Rasenshuriken. Muku seemingly turned back to normal. Satori tried to regain control killing Muku's father. Muku used his Fire Release Demon Lantern to activate his father's sealing jutsu, which killed him in the process. Satori was returned to the Box of Ultimate Bliss and the box was cast away in the whirpools near the prison castle, Hozukijo, never to be used again.