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Satan Claws is the main villain and final boss from Deathsmiles II: Makai no Merry Christmas. He was once a human who got spirited away to Gilverado, but he developed dark powers and sought to take over the place, only to be stopped by Count Dior, who defeated him and imprisoned him inside the demon dimension. Much time later, Satan Claws managed to escape from his imprisonment, meeting with Supe, a small girl who had just arrived at Gilverado. Knowing Count Dior would adopt her as one of his Angels, Satan Claws possessed her, and when the other Angels took Supe to meet with Dior, he used the opportunity to mortally wound Dior and steal his Wish Notes, magical musical notes which one can use to grant any wish. The Angels then set off after Satan Claws, fighting his hordes of demons to retrieve the notes and save Dior. When they confront each other, Satan Claws uses the Notes power to grow into a gigantic size, but he ends defeated and is once again imprisoned into the demon dimension.

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