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No one man can carry this burden, I tell you. It is far too heavy. Saving their souls is too costly. No-one. Ever. No. Never.
~ Satan trying to tempt Jesus in the Garden.

Satan (Passion of the Christ)
Satan is one of the main antagonists in the controversial film The Passion Of The Christ and is depicted as a more spiritual menace than his stereotypical appearance as a satyr-like monster in modern culture - in fact in the film Satan is depicted as a being that is hard to place in terms of gender (though the role was played by a woman) or power and is ghostlike in mannerism.

Though Satan has not directly harmed anyone in the film, he is implied to be the one who intially started off a chain of events that would often result in brutal deaths but this was necessary as it was part of God's plan. Satan was initially a high ranking angel of God but his rebellion, he became a deceitful being who uses his knowledge of God's word to manipulate others-including Jesus Christ himself.

In the beginning of the film, Satan catches Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and tries to convince him to not sacrifice himself for humanity's sins as he wants Jesus to fail to carry out God's plan. As Jesus's sweat drops to the ground like blood, a serpent, similar to the serpent in the Garden of Eden, crawls out of Satan but Jesus crushes the serpent and Satan disappears.

After Judas betrayed Jesus, presumably under demonic influence, a group of children run to him and begin to torment him. The children later turn out to be ferocious demons and under the presence of Satan, they later drive Judas insane and force him to hang himself. Meanwhile, Jesus is interrogated by Pontius Pilate and is later sent to be whipped and tortured by his centurions. Satan walks in the background and watches sadistically as Jesus was tortured and he is later revealed to be carrying a demonic baby, to mock about how he himself could take care of his children better than God himself. During the torture, Satan is presumed to be one controlling the men torturing Jesus by abusing their free will as he appears at irregular moments. He has probably done the same thing with evil men before Jesus's crucifixion.

However, at the end of the film, Jesus succeeds in sacrificing himself for humanity's sins and at the same moment, Satan is sent back to an isolated and parched area of Hell, where he screams in agonising defeat.


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