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I am complete!
~ Satan

Satan is the main antagonist of the 2006 rock musical comedy, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, portrayed by Dave Grohl. His disguise as an Open Mic Host, was portrayed by Paul F. Tompkins.



It was learned that the The Pick of Destiny, was Satan's tooth, created by a dark wizard as a gift to a blacksmith who saved the wizard's life from the great demon. The dark wizard had summoned Satan from Hell in a moment of ego, but had failed to comprehend the consequences of his actions and watched as Satan ravaged the Earth. Unable to stop the foul Beast, the dark wizard fought against Satan's dark powers, which manifested in an army of snakes and flies. Begging the Devil to end his life, the dark wizard's cries were heard by a blacksmith who rushed to the scene and used his hammer to throw up at the Devil and knock out his tooth. Temporarily powerless, the Devil was weakened and the dark wizard took advantage of the powerless Satan by banishing him back to Hell. However, Satan vowed vengeance and that he would one day return.

Modern day

Satan eventually escaped Hell through unknown means and disguised himself as an Open Mic Host looking for his missing tooth. He revealed himself to be Satan all along to Jables and Kage at the near end of the movie. He is "complete" when he places the Pick of Destiny back on his broken tooth, regaining the ability to use his supernatural powers on Earth and intending to take everyone to Hell starting with Tenacious D.

To save their lives, Tenacious D challenge Satan to a "rock-off", which he is forced to accept according to the "Demon Code," terms being that he returns to Hell and pays their rent if Tenacious D wins and takes KG as his gay sex slave if they lose. While JB and KG perform admirably, ultimately they lose and Satan attempts to shoot KG with a bolt of lightning. JB jumps in the way, and the bolt bounces off of the mother of pearl inlays in his guitar, blowing off a piece of Satan's horn. JB is able to exploit Satan's "incompleteness" in order to banish him back to Hell, with the devil screaming his vow of vengeance on Tenacious D before being sucked back into Hell.