The devil from Stikbold

Satan (also known as The Devil) is the secondary primary antagonist in Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure. In the game, he can be unlocked as a playable character.

He is first seen in the story mode version of the game capturing Heidi Starbrow and her partner in the gym, which leads Björn and Jerome on their adventure to save them. Near the end of the story mode version of the game when Björn and Jerome came to Satan's hell while trying to save Heidi and her partner, Jerome stated to Björn about Satan "Considering he's the Lord Of Darkness, he's surprisingly... Humdrum."

Björn then orders Satan to release Heidi and her partner or else, but he refused to, which made Björn become infuriated and try to attack him, but while realizing that Miguel Cigar is right about when no one is a team alone, he along with Jerome decided to challenge Satan to a Stikbold match and when they win, he will release Heidi and her partner.

Satan does not know, but normally he'd prefer a fiddle contest. He then said that traditions are for angels and if he wins, he will get Björn and Jerome's souls for all eternity. He then summons his skeleton warriors to play a dodgeball game with our heroes (including himself as well). After being battled by our heroes, Satan is last seen sitting on the ground, whining, "Aw! I knew I should have picked the fiddle! ...Always picked the damn fiddle! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

He then tries to get out of his hell while doing his funny move in a fit of a tantrum way, but the Coach comes to his hell while realizing that Björn and Jerome couldn't just accept the trophy as he punches him in the face in anger which made him fall off the skull bridge, and his fate is left unknown.


  • He was clearly thought to be the primary antagonist in the game, even though he was shown to be the secondary antagonist due to the Coach being the actual primary antagonist.