My name is Lucifer. But humans call me... Satan !
~ Satan

Lucifer, usually called Satan, is the main antagonist in the manga O-Parts Hunter, aka 666 Satan. He's the alter-ego of Jio Freed, the story's main protagonist.


Early life

Lucifer comes from a planet called Eden. He was was one of 72 scientists in an organization known as Solomon who tried to harness all the energy of the universe. They created the Kabbalah in order to control the energy, but Lucifer, who desired all of the energy for himself, tried to take the power of the 1i Kabbalah, Satan. However, his body was destroyed in the process, but two researchers named Adam and Eve foresaw this, and made a program called FREEDOM to seal his consciousness. The program took the form of a young human with two split minds sharing the same body, a kind and innocent boy named Jio Freed and the cruel and power-hungry Lucifer/Satan.

Powers and Abilities

Satan is apparently the most powerful being in the entire universe, his powers are often described as unlimited. He can fly, use telekinesis, create fire, produce large shock waves, shoot a powerful beam attack from his mouth or even create a gigantic explosion able to destroy an entire city. He is also able to elongate his arms and tentacles to limitless lengths and to regenerate any wounds. In addition, he possesses immeasurable strength and speed.

However, Satan's main power is the Mark of the Beast, which is placed on his left hand. The Mark of the Beast can absorb absolutely all forms of energies or powers.



  • Despite being the main antagonist of the story, he almost never attacked the story's main protagonist but he often helped him and saved his life. However, it has always been for his own profit.