Satan is one of the primary antagonists of the Silent Era film known as Heksen, an early example of an exploitation-style film that showed in vivid detail the superstitious beliefs of medieval Europe in regards to witchcraft and devil worship, the film itself has gained even more infamy in modern times in part due to its inclusion in Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness" marathon (hosted by the Angry Video Game Nerd).

Satan is depicted, just as in medieval belief, as the supreme leader of all witches and helped to orchestrate the infamous witches' gathering that involved witches and lesser demons mingling in remote areas at night to engage in Satanic rituals such as trampling the crucifix, cooking and eating infants and flying across the sky on broomsticks with the aid of unclean spirits akin to the legendary Unseelie Court.

Satan is seen to tempt a sleeping woman away from her husband and terrorizes a group of monks, symbolizing the medieval fears of "pagan" influence in a time when the Church had established itself as the backbone of society and anything existing beyond the Church's immediate control was seen as dark, forbidden and barbaric.