Satan is the main villain from Broforce. He appears during most missions commanding the generic terrorists which act as enemies during most of the game. He appears wearing a black jumpsuit, and the mission is over when you shoot him down.

After the Broforce defeats the terrorist forces and thwart an alien invasion, Satan opens a gate to hell over America, which the Bros follow over to find and defeat Satan. When confronted, Satan morphs into a more muscular and demonic form, covering himself in flames after taking some damage. Upon being defeated his head floats and creates a expanding force field, forcing the current Bro to run away. As the military helicopter pick up the Bro it is shot down by a blast, as Satan morphs into a gigantic pillar form with spider legs for the final confrontation. As he is defeated, Rambro lobs a grenade over his giant head, killing him definitely.

After the credits, Rambro is watching Satan's tombstone and "pays respect" by pissing on it, but after he leaves Satan's arm rises from the grave.