Satake or Zygor (4Kids dub) is one of Bandit Keith's three henchman in Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Anime

Satake is the big muscleman of the trio. He is usually the one that likes to beat people up.

Duelist Kingdom

Satake, Ghost Kotsuzuka and Takaido attacked Katsuya Jonouchi and took him to a cave where Kotsuzuka dueled Jonouchi. After Yugi Muto, Anzu Mazaki, Hiroto Honda and Ryo Bakura appeared to cheer Jonouchi on, Honda attacked Satake and Takaido, but Satake punched him after Takaido threw a rock at him. After Jonouchi defeated Kotsuzuka, Keith had him, Takaido, and Satake seal the exit with a boulder to prevent Yugi and the others from escaping. Keith then knocked out Satake to steal his Star Chips, and then beat up Kotsuzuka and Takaido.

Battle City

Satake entered Kaiba's tournament in Battle City alongside Kotsuzuka and Takaido. Rather than duel, they put on zombie masks and scared people at the cemetery to steal their Locator Cards. However, when they attempted to do this to Yami Bakura, he was unaffected by it, and casually stepped out of Satake's way when he tried to grab him from behind before grabbing Satake's wrist with one hand and pulling off his zombie mask with the other. Yami Bakura then challenged Kotsuzuka to a duel before taking the duel to Hell. Yami Bakura gained the advantage before telling them that they were in Hell, and if Kotsuzuka lost, they would be trapped there forever (or at least until Yami Bakura chose to set them free). Yami Bakura defeated Kotsuzuka, so he, Takaido and Satake became trapped in Hell, vanishing into shadowy clouds in the ground. Yami Bakura then took their Locator Cards so he could enter the final rounds.

As a result, they have not been seen since. (In the 4Kids version, they were sent to the Shadow Realm rather than the Hell - though there is little difference between the two - with hands pulling them into the ground.)