Sasoranjin Neo-Shocker Kaijin
Sasoranjin (サソランジン Sasoranjin?, 4): A scorpion cyborg who was originally Miya Uemura (上村美也 Uemura Miya?), a woman who was kidnapped by Neo-Shocker while visiting Mt. Daiba. Placed under General Monster's command via remote control, Miya is used as an assassin to murder any scientist who refuses to join Neo-Shocker and take their research. Realizing the attack pattern, Tsukuba and Shido lay a trap for Sasoranjin that results with the necklace, the receiver of General Monster's mind control, destroyed. Though Miya regains her memories, briefly reunited with her younger sister, a planned flaw in her system causes Miya to revert to her cyborg form. But Sasoranjin retains her free will as she is mortally wounded by arrows from Ari Commandos in her attempt to kill General Monster. By the time Skyrider arrived, Sasoranjin reverts to her human form and dies while asking the Kamen Rider to look after her sister.

Sasoranjin was later revived as part of the Second Generation Cyborg Corps (改造人間二世部隊 Kaizō Ningen Nisei Butai?, movie). They were destroyed by the 7 Riders.