Sasha Woodman

Sasha Woodman is a minor antagonist appearing in the TV series Smallville.

Powers and Abilities

Sasha had the ability to control bees after being stung by a kryptonite-infected hive.

Season 1

Sasha was obsessed with becoming Class President, and she repeatedly stated that her parents expected it of her. She was stung more than a thousand times in Shuster's Gorge (the location of the deepest meteor hit) by Africanized bees, which were apparently infected by kryptonite. Although allergic to bee stings, Sasha somehow survived the attack and later discovered that she had the power to control the bees as if she were the hive queen. She used her powers to get rid of her competition, putting two students in the hospital before Clark Kent stopped her. She tried to get rid of Clark, but the bees turned on her and put her in a coma.

Season 7

Six years later, Sasha reappeared in Smallville at the Talon. Chloe Sullivan talked to her in the alley, where Sasha revealed that she had not escaped from Belle Reve like Chloe thought, but had been "cured" by Dr. Curtis Knox. Sasha then said that she no longer had her abilities and that she had also forgotten the past six years. After Chloe went back to the Talon, Knox came up to Sasha's vehicle and knocked her out. He later operated on her again and murdered her.

In the Comics

In the comics, several recurring enemies of the Justice League have gone by the name "Queen Bee." While Sasha is never directly referred to by this name, the term is used in both "Drone" and "Cure" to describe her powers.